Nikola Tesla and Phobia


Am I the only one in the world that understands Nikola Tesla’s OCD and phobia situation? I get weary and tired of hearing and reading about it from people that apparently have never tried to assess the situation. Nikola Tesla at the age of 10 or 11 was stuck in bed for an entire year from having gotten sick from cholera which will turn any person after that into a germophobic. Furthermore the 1800s and 1900s were times where people died left and right from diseases and it was a terrible time for human existence unfortunately Nikola stood right in the middle of it. OCD wise, OCD has just been invented by doctors who wish to make an extra buck giving drugs to children and adults all together, soon they will try to diagnose cats and dogs with OCD. Let me explain, I am an artist, a composer of music, a designer, a sketcher in other words I am extremely creative. With creative brains like that of Nikola’s and others, neurons fire at more than a thousand miles/hour and every second, it is a great neurotic mess than never ceases to electrify our lives. In that case strange habits may result. It is not a disease and it does not mean that the person is crazy, it is simply a case of over active creativity, which can make an individual over sensitive about a lot of different things. Nothing wrong, just life. Nobody is ever completely normal because the brain is an extremely complex machine, artists and scientists, inventors, creative people sometimes will have trouble controlling the eternal flow of ideas and will find themselves with an over active brain. IT IS NOT A DISEASE. So please, let us leave Nikola Tesla alone and not pick on him about OCD and such for it is very unfair to do so since nobody in this world is perfect anyway. dt

Neuron Stars

Stars are the neurons of this great thinking machine called The Universe. All stars are connected and joined by invisible electromagnetic threads or veins through whom energy flows. If we can ever tap into this natural energy, traveling from one planet to the other will be effortless, as we will only need to follow the river and never worry about the exhaustion of such energy. DT

The Resonance Within

Have you ever carefully looked at the way the wind excites tree leaves? Creating an almostĀ  perfect back and forth movement? That same force must exist in the universe and activate all atoms of organisms before they shape. As DNA shows us, that “wind” which I also call “magnetic breath,” has a resonant quality since it formed the well known spiral shape of DNA strands, as i believe resonance is the way sound naturally reproduces itself, resulting in audible echoes in certain cases. The force might not be electric by nature as we know it, but perhaps some other kind of electricity, super fine power that defies the laws of physics. I also think of it as The Cosmic Force like Tesla says and Aether. But I have a strong feeling that it beats low and sure within the bass frequency of the heart. This Cosmic Force links us all through rhythmic frequencies that is why we love beat, we hear it from inside out. If a person breaks that superfine beat through death, sorrow or sickness, we will feel it inner wise. The broken rhythm will then create in our minds a feeling of discomfort and sadness. Sometimes we won’t even know why. DT